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Prize Money        $2.00      $1.50      $1.25


Please be sure to put the name of the child exhibiting on each entry tag.


Junior “A” (Ages 4 - 7)

  1. Nature Collection - 8 items in an egg carton
  2. Decorate a Recyclable Item (no glass)
  3. Christmas Bell made using a paper/styrofoam cup
  4. School Bus made from a Kleenex Box
  5. Wooden Spoon Person
  6. Paper Bag Puppet
  7. Pipe Cleaner/Chenille Person/Animal
  8. Birdhouse from Popsicle/Craft Sticks
  9. Draw a Farm Themed Picture (crayon/marker/pencil)
  10. Article made from Scrap Yarn

Junior “B” (Ages 8 - 11)

  1. Nature Collection - 12 items in an egg carton
  2. Decorate a Recyclable Item
  3. Castle - any medium
  4. Lego Sculpture
  5. Decorated Fly Swatter
  6. Inuk-Shuk, (up to 12" high)
  7. A Perfect Spelling Page (minimum 6 lines)
  8. Decorate a Bar of Soap
  9. Item made from a Kit
  10. Farm Scene made from Nature Items (seeds, leaves, twigs, etc.)

Junior “C” (Ages 12 - 18)

  1. Decorate a Recyclable Item
  2. Soap Carving
  3. Decorate a Fly Swatter to look like an Animal
  4. Article made from Wood Scraps
  5. Copy a Poem on a Page in own writing (minimum 6 lines)
  6. Draw a Self Portrait
  7. Any Sewn/Knit or Crocheted Item
  8. Make a Computer generated Greeting Card
  9. Model made from a Kit
  10. A Tote Bag (any medium)

Please remember to complete the Section entered with “A”, “B”, or “C”.

Thank you

Fall Fair Poster Competition

Prize Money   $5.00   $4.00   $3.00   $2.00   $1.00

A) Youth up to and including grade 6
B) Youth grades 7 to 12

This contest is open to any student.

The poster is to be done on paper (approximately 12"x18" in size) *note: Bristol board may be cut down to this size.*

The work is to be freehand.

The poster should contain a picture or design, and the informtion 109th CHARLTON FALL FAIR, Labour Day Weekend.

NOTE: Winner will go on to the District competition to represent our fair.

Junior Exhibits


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