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Prize Money        $2.00    $1.50    $1.25


  1. All vegetables must be grown from seed this year.
  2. Exhibits are to be displayed in a suitably sized tray.
  3. All vegetables should be shown with the tops removed, leaving not more than 2.5 cm of stem.
  4. All vegetables except potatoes, may be washed but not scrubbed.
    1. Pumpkin - Largest
    2. Beets, 3
    3. Carrots, 3
    4. Onions, 3
    5. Red Potatoes, 6
    6. Eating Corn, 3
    7. Cherry or Tiny Tim Tomatoes, minimum 5 tomatoes, on the stem. To be exhibited on a plate.
    8. Zucchini - Largest
    9. Any other Vegetable not mentioned (small show 3, large show 1)
    10. Collection of Various Vegetables
      ($3.00   $2.00   $1.00)
      Vegetables are to be grown in the home vegetable garden, preferably to be shown in a low box. Make and display a list of the contents.
    11. Vegetable "Animal" Created using a variety of vegetables.
    12. Berries, 40 berries displayed on a small paper plate or bowl, covered with plastic wrap. (display of fresh raspberries, currants, blueberries or gooseberries picked by the student)

Prince & Princess of the Pumpkin Patch

Students are to grow their own pumpkins from seed, and bring their largest pumpkin to the fairgrounds on the Friday morning of the Fair.

The boy and girl with the largest pumpkins will be crowned Prince and Princess of the Pumpkin Patch.

Prizes will be awarded and the Prince and Princess will reign over the Fair. Winners will be announced Saturday 12:00 noon at the Opening Ceremonies.


Prize Money        $2.00    $1.50    $1.25

  1. Pansies, 3
  2. Marigolds, 3
  3. Sunflower, 1 stalk/head
  4. Bachelor Buttons, 3
  5. Cosmos, 3
  6. Patio Pot
  7. Petunias, 3
  8. Calendulas, 3
  9. Houseplant, 1 pot
  10. Arrangement of Wildflowers in a Recycled Container

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