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San Miniato Collection

The solemn and mysterious charm of the San Miniato abbey inspired this collection that celebrates the thousand-year-old Florentine landmark.


“Haec est Porta Coeli”
(This is the door to the sky.)

Inscription on the Basilica’s Porta Santa.

Our project

The San Miniato project was made in collaboration with the Simbolo Vivo studio run by architect Andrea Parigi.

We are proud to present the first product of a series inspired by Florentine architectural symbols.

The five symbols of the abbey

The San Miniato collection is a compendium of five abbey symbols: the square that shapes a part of the facade represents the four elements, the circle surrounded by the twelve zodiac signs at the center of the central nave’s floor and the octagram located over the main entrance that represents the moment of transition in which the square that aspires to become a circle starts rotating and changing shape.

The recurring use of the golden ratio which can be found around the abbey also exists in the relationship between the cap and the pen’s body. The clip, molded into a glass stem, extends from the wine glass shape at the centre of the octagram, (a symbol of intelligence and intuition).

San Miniato fountain pen

Available in other colours

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