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Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli Collection

The Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli collection is inspired by the fascinating and eclectic personality of one of the most famous Medici. Lorenzo Il Magnifico is the embodiment of Florence’s golden age.

“The moon, amid the lesser stars of night,
the lustrous stars seem almost lost to sight;
and Sleep grants every living soul release
from all the toils of the daily round,
and shadows fill the world, and deepest peace.

Lorenzo il Magnifico

The Medici and lapis lazuli

There is a deep and symbolic connection between the lapis lazuli stone and the Medici. The great Florentine house created one of the biggest collections of lapis lazuli objects of all time.

After the success of Il Magnifico’s previous Red Marble and Green Marble editions, we have chosen to honour the Medici passion for lapis lazuli.

The Essence of the Renaissance

The Renaissance came after the hard years of the Middle Ages and symbolised the return to light, beauty, and harmony.

Two great historical figures played a great role in transforming Florence into the cradle of this golden age: Cosimo de’Medici and his grandson Lorenzo, remembered as ‘The Magnificent’. Under the hegemony of these two influential men, the city of Florence, reached its political, economical, and artistic peak.

Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli Fountain Pen


Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli rollerball pen


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