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Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon Collection

The essence of the modern man meets the primeval beauty of nature in this collection inspired by the majesty and strength of the ocean.


“Take a cup of water from

the ocean and there I am.”

Jack Kerouac

One soul reflected in a thousand shades

No two waves are the same, each one has its own shades, movement and power.

This unique pen with its light blue and aqua swirls echoes the perpetual vitality and changeable nature of the sea.

Demonstrator Pen

The distinguishing characteristic of this handmade pen is its transparent body. The Demonstrator technique initially used to present pens to retailers, reveals the inside of the writing instrument. It later became an iconic object sought out by collectors and pen lovers alike.

Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon fountain pen


Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon rollerball pen


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